Our ESF student chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) gathered with the Syracuse University EWB Chapter and the Syracuse City EWB Chapter for an on-campus BBQ. The event allowed us to make new connections, reconnect with old friends, tell stories of our summer projects and travel, and plan for the coming year. Keep up with the ESF EWB Chapter online or in person. They sent 5 members to the village of Buena Vista, Honduras this August to install a community water supply (CWS) with their in-country partners. This CWS project has been in design and fundraising status for years, and is a great celebration for ESF EWB President is Amanda Barnett, Vice-President Emily Wilmott, Treasurer Joe Becker, Secretary Ana Flores, and Public Relations Officer Kevin Hennigan

EWB Clubs of ESF, SU, and the City of Syracuse