Over Columbus Day weekend a group of about 40 students and faculty (and our pep squad: Eva, Noah, Sierra, Anna, and Aly) trekked up to, within, and above the 15,000 acres of ESF Adirondack Ecological Center property. The annual trip is a part of the ERE 132 Orientation class, where 1st year students mix it up with some of our 3rd and 4th year student leaders and faculty through bonfires, games, group meals, hikes, canoe and kayak trips, and more. This selection of photos captures some of the events.

Boats lined up along Rich Lake after a long afternoon of paddling and exploring.

Students watch over the bonfire as the larger ERE group takes in the sunset from multiple points around camp.

ERE Group meets on Rich Lake beach to point out the Goodnow Mtn climb to our south.

View of Rich Lake and ESF property from 2865 ft summit of Goodnow Mtn.