SUNY ESF is the leading institution of the New York View (NYView) consortium, a member of AmericaView. AmericaView who works closely with the USGS Land Remote Sensing Program is a nationwide program focusing on remote sensing data and technologies in support of applied research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer. AmericaView provides a locally controlled and nationally coordinated network of remote sensing scientists and practitioners. NYView joined AmericaView as an affiliate member in 2009 and is expected to promote to an associate member this year. NYView focuses on two major activities: 1) facilitating access to diverse remote sensing data/products and 2) supporting collaborative research, education, and public outreach among the NYView members and a range of remote sensing users within the state (Figures 1 and 2). NYView provides a free online source of various remote sensing data/products of New York. Such remote sensing data are used for an even greater variety of purposes from land/forest resources management, to recreational uses, to water quality monitoring, to environmental modeling and consulting. One of the NYView goals is to form strong research groups for remote sensing applications, which will provide a basis for discovering new or better ways to apply remote sensing technology to observing, understanding, and solving pressing environmental and societal issues in New York. NYView brings remote sensing materials to formal and informal educational curricula at all levels (K-16). NYView encourages and publicizes scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities offered by members and other regional and national sources for New York secondary and higher education students studying remote sensing.

NYView-related activities: (a) a Google map-based remote sensing data/products search system; (b) collaborative research on impervious surface quantification over Syracuse, NY; (c) launching a balloon with cameras at the ESF quad (education).

Airborne remote sensing images collected before and after Irene Hurricane over Prattville, NY, by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). RIT is one of the active NYView members.