Our very own Dr. Jungho Im has won the 2012 ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing (ERDAS sponsor). The 2nd author on the paper, Zhenyu Lu, is Dr. Im’s graduate student, and the 3rd author, Dr. John Jenson, is Dr. Im’s former adviser. While $500 award is always useful, the bigger joy is recognition for hard work.The trio has developed an improved method to detect change in remote sensing images. This research makes management of natural resources much easier, allowing for monitoring trends in resource growth, decline, and movement. SUNY ESF ERE students are trained in these methods through coursework and guided research with Dr. Im. Bravo!

The paper is referenced as: Jungho Im, Zhenyu Lu, and John Jensen, 2011, A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Moving Threshold Optimization for Binary Change Detection, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 77(2): 167-180.

Figure 1 of the award winning paper motivating the genetic algorithm.

Figure 2 illustrating the decision making flow chart in Dr. Im's algorithm.