During the October 19-21 weekend a group of about 20 students and faculty (and our pep squad Eva and Noah) took our annual trek into the Adirondack Mountains. Like last year, we trekked up to, within, and above the 15,000 acres of ESF Adirondack Ecological Center property. This year was much wetter, and after sloshing along a trail up Goodnow Mountain our group has decided to dedicate some time during the next trip to improving the trail using our engineering design and build skills.

The annual trip is a part of the ERE 132 Orientation class, where 1st year students mix it up with some of our 3rd and 4th year student leaders and faculty through bonfires, games, group meals, hikes, canoe and kayak trips, and more.

Topping Goodnow Mountain and then the fire tower climbed.

In this photo our group gathers in front of a student cabin.

ERE freshman and upperclassman students, faculty members Stew and Ted, and our support team Eva and Noah. See Curt, Rachael, John, Isaac, Valerie, Steph, Ashlynn, Emily, Tyler, Ryan, Doug, Alegra, Scott, Eugene, Kate, and Andrew.