Amanda Barnett, the former president of our EWB club, traveled to Abra Málaga Thastayoc, Peru to assist a community obtain about 5 kilowatts of electricity – converting hydro power to mechanical power and electricity. The photo below shows the a water source in the Andes Mountains of Peru that is used by the EWB designed project to implement the pico-hydro generators. These generators are a simple, cheap, and appropriate technology for developing countries that will alleviate the financial burden of the community members of having to travel to the city to charge their cell phones and radios as well as provide light for evening reading and studying. One issue to consider is the long term viability of mountain water supplies as climate change reduces the Andes snow pack. Our ESF program in ecological engineering, water resources engineering, and geospatial engineering provide tools and theory to help design for these changing conditions.

Andes Mountain water and power supply.

Amanda Barnett, our prior EWB president, during her trip to Abra Málaga Thastayoc, Peru this past August.