Water Resources Engineering (WRE) connects engineering hydrology and hydraulics with global, economic, environmental, and societal issues. Our student Enrique Juarez makes this connection here…

The news article “BC Hydro submits environmental impact assessment for proposed Site C hydro project” was published on January 30, 2013 by hydroworld.com. The article talks about a project on dam and hydroelectric station that would be located to the northeast of British Columbia. The main point of this article is that BC Hydro submitted the EIS to Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office. This event puts this project one step closer to being approved and eventually built. The article talks about the potential cost of the project and the capacity the hydroelectric station will have once it is finished, but it does not talk about the different impacts the project could cause. A project like this one would have environmental, societal and economic impacts related just to the area that could potentially be flooded.

Clean, renewable sources of energy have gained popularity in recent years. This project relates to that because once completed, it has the potential to be a very significant source of renewable energy.  The project will be able to power around 450,000 homes per year, and create jobs as well. This dam would impact also the economy sector; first because of the huge initial investment, and also because of the big energy output that it would generate.