Our ERE program is proud of our very own ESF earning the #6 ranking for Colleges Saving the Planet. We have great company, with rank 1 to 5 going to MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and CalTech. The commendation focuses on energy resources, and we would likely be higher if rankings considered our strengths in water resources engineering, geospatial engineering, and ecological engineering. The review says ESF “…offers this soup-to-nuts undergraduate degree for those who want to change the way we find, develop and sell energy. Students build management skills while focusing on issues of energy resources, markets, energy security, and energy policy. Students divide time between the classroom and the laboratory at ESF’s Syracuse campus”

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ESF has excellent company in its "Saving the Planet" leadership

ESF has excellent company in its “Saving the Planet” leadership

The Online College Database ranking says, “Students motivated to make a difference have a near-endless list of colleges and degree programs from which to choose. Yet for those with a passion for planet Earth, green science, green technology and, yes, green law schools across the nation offer innovative programs that turn out graduates armed for the environmental challenges ahead. Even traditional fields such as business administration and manufacturing are adopting cutting-edge green methodologies, allowing students to create hybrid careers where the jobs are.

These 50 colleges and universities not only host students in the lecture hall, they put them to work in research laboratories where scholars practice real-time, ecological heroism.”