Water Resources Engineering (WRE) connects engineering hydrology and hydraulics with global, economic, environmental, and societal issues. Our student Munjed Badwan makes this connection here…
The September 4, 2013 article, “Drinking water quality assessment of the middle governorate in the Gaza strip, Palestine.” Was posted in the science direct database online(http://www.sciencedirect.com/). The news relates to the WRE domain of hydrology and specific issue of drinking water contamination within the Gaza strip. In summary, this news article reports on the associated contamination in storage tanks, private desalinization plants and household drinking water tanks. As we all know the Middle East being an arid region, does not get alot of rain fall. Gaza in particular gets approximately 200-400 mm of rainfall a year (Aish, 2013).Which is not a lot of water for a country considered to be the most densely populated place in the world. In 2009 the Palestinian water authority and the world health organization collected ground samples from Al Buraj, Al Nussierat and Al Salga. Upon further testing it was proven that 90%of drinking water was not fit for human consumption according to the WHO & PWA standards for safe drinking. Although, there are standards in place, water from private desalination plants had an average PH of 5.5 along with Nitrate and chloride levels exceeding the standard (Aish,2013). ). I am confident that this article represents WRE facts. Based on my engineering education this is an important issue; water quality control is an issue we face on a daily basis allover the world. Gaza is a country in need of further development and economic growth and in my opinion purifying water sources would be one way to do that. In addition, the Palestinian Ministry of Health states that many of the diseases in Gaza City were associated with source drinking water, sewage flooding, age of water, and waste water networks (Yassin, 2006). After reflection on this article I believe it left out critical information about the effects of over pumping wells which could harm the water supply more than it already is.
Water resources engineering is a multifaceted field, where hydrology and hydraulic systems are created and managed at many scales to efficiently take advantage of the benefits and reduce negative impacts that occur to a global, economic, environmental or societal issue. Overall, if there are regulations in place, the governments are responsible for enforcing the standards. In a broader context this water resources issue affects many of the neighboring countries urging them to lend a hand. Another assessment that could be made in my opinion is this will lead to something that seems almost impossible now a days–“Peace in the Middle East.” 
Figure 1 – a map of Gaza and the locations investigated
Figure 2 – drinking water distribution points
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