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Fun Fact: Syracuse University students can take classes at SUNY-ESF.

Don’t be afraid, it’s not too scary on the other side of the Carrier Dome. We take your classes all the time. It is usually about halfway through the semester when you realize all the kids in your calculus class with hard hats and flannel are Stumpies.

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If you’re wondering what happens over at SUNY-ESF besides tie-dyeing on the Quad and worshipping an oversized acorn, wonder no more. Some of us are studying ecological engineering, and you are welcome to join in.

Ecological engineering is designing ecosystems for the mutual benefit of people and the environment. It is the one place in my engineering studies that allows for gray area. The answers are qualitative and supported with calculations rather than cold, hard numbers and factors of safety for wiggle room. There are ecological engineering courses open to all majors without prerequisites — it’s advising week, check them out under the “ERE” prefix.

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The Engineers Without Borders chapter at SUNY-ESF is approaching its projects with the users in mind.

As of today, they are implementing a gravity-fed water distribution system in Buena Vista, Honduras. This consists of a water tank with plastic pipes buried underground serving a population of 300 people. Until the students came along, the community had stream water flowing though rubber hoses aboveground and only during the rainy season. The water was frequently contaminated with feces and the hoses often leaked. It is thrilling to see this project, started in 2006, finally coming to fruition.

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